Ours Cases
Logistics study for raw material import and sugar cane growth, for a group of plant workers in Sao Paulo state, maximizing results that will ultimately drive not only economic benefits, as well as freedom of choice of suppliers.
Diagnostics with assessment of opportunities and possible solutions for elements that might bring difficulty to the installation of a portuary terminal for solid barn with a flow capacity of 3.5 million TONS of products.
Assessment of potential buyers from abroad and consequent export logistics for the animal feed industry.
Creation of direct import channels from suppliers of over 20 raw materials, that previously had to be bought from local distributors.
Development of a special PET bag for thin product companies in the field of animal feed, that were facing a valve leackage for over 20 years.
Planning development in order to maintain the company just-in-time stock with great diversity of bag materials (over 400 items). Creating moreroom inside the plant for other means and diminishing the monetary amount of products in stock.

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Who is Elizabeth Chagas...
  Although she has always worked in a predominantly masculine world, that of agribusiness logistics and international commerce, Elizabeth Chagas reached in December 2007, the maximum level in that segment, as winner of the “Most Influent Women in Brazil”, in the agribusiness... [more]  
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