Main Services offered by EC Assessory
Detailed diagnosis of the client company, surveying threats, problems, and opportunities to maximize its results in the supplies and logistics areas;

Management and purchase of international ship freight for solid or liquid bulk products;

Market study for the localization of plants, logistics terminals and distribution centers;
Management of import, export and purchase of domestic raw materials based on each client’s profile and needs;
Integrated purchasing and logistics solutions (ship, truck and railroad modal) aiming at more efficiency and saving of funds;
Study and development of new products to replace those used in the manufacturing process, aiming at improved productivity or use alternatives due to temporary lack or obsolescence of the raw material;
Management of crises (difficulty in identifying area subordination in the company; better use of the stress provided by the harvest; difficulty in identifying correct partners for outsourcing in the supplies, domestic purchases and import areas and in integrated and distribution logistics);
Regulation of quality processes for certifications in the Logistics/Distribution and Supplies areas.

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  After working for 30 years in the agribusiness and logistics areas, executive Elizabeth Chagas, attentive to the development and potential of the Brazilian agribusiness, noted that, to that time, small and medium-sized rural producers did not have at their disposal consulting... [more]  
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